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There has never been a better time to invest in Solar Panels, with rising energy costs & the recent government announcement that all VAT has been removed as of April 1st 2022 on energy saving materials, meaning you can save hundreds of pounds on your solar installation! We can offer a range of solar systems along with solar battery installation to suit your budget and energy needs.

Solar panels installed on your property provides many advantages:

  • Savings

    Reduce Energy Bills from Day 1

  • Future Protection

    against increase in electricity cost

  • Receive payments

    For any surplus electricity that your solar PV system produces

  • Affordability

    The cost of Solar Energy has become much more affordable

  • Environmental

    Reduce Co2 emissions & Carbon footprint by using your own Green Energy

  • Improve Energy rating

    Improve the EPC rating of your property by installing Solar

  • Self – sufficient

    Battery Storage will allow your property to utilise self – generated Energy for longer periods.

  • Generation in all Seasons

    The panels continue to produce electricity even during cloudy days

  • Low Maintenance

    of full System

  • Utilise The Sun

    Make use of the UV rays that hit your roof every day.

  • Solar PV (Enhanced Systems)

    Due to improved innovative Manufacture designs we are able to offer many options to suit your aesthetic requirements.

  • Sustainability

    Contribute to the nationwide development of renewable technology

Viable Power offer a full range of domestic & commercial packages, please fill out your enquiry details below and one of our in house design team will be in touch to produce you a free Solar quotation, tailored to your property and electricity consumption.

Solar PV System

Solar PV (Solar PV System)

Solar PV & Battery Storage System

Solar PV (Solar PV & Battery Storage System)
Solar PV (Remote Monitoring)

Remote Monitoring

  • Review daily, monthly & annual yields
  • View your system generation & household consumption throughout the day
  • View your system export & household import figures to & from the National Grid
  • View environmental contributions

This monitoring visual is an example from one of the available manufactures systems. A demo can be provided for the system you purchase.

Please fill our enquiry form now, alternatively for any queries or assistance you may need please contact our dedicated team

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